Springing Time–Anna Hetherington

Sunlight through scintillating, vacillating leaves Projects a fluttering sea-top on thin neon grass Jutting from dark dirt and soggy aftermath of winter. Here even shadows squirm with new life: Lines, patterns, and rhythms dance between fences, Around pebbles and boulders, through layered petals. Dynamic contrast fills the springing time. Colorful shapes blossom and burst With […]

Reading Bulletin Board by Kalika Jaekel

Kalika Jaekel, student teacher, writes, “This board is part of the incentive to encourage 6th graders to read. For every 750 pages astudents reads, his/her name is written on a bird and the bird is added to the bulletin board. The ‘program’ is called the 25 Book Campaign and is used across the district as […]