Rain Storm by Jacqueline Roberson

Cascading droplets of cool, The soft falling of wetness, Facing the darkness as the sky, Becomes cooler.   The slow drops become harder, Coldness seeps through the body. Puddles overfilling, The sky becomes midnight.   Light streaks across the blackness, A loud roaring sound in ears. The once gentle drops, Pounding down on everything.   […]

Wild at Heart by Sarah Burnett

If you are going to poke a bear, I suggest do not do it or take care For bears can gut you with one swipe And they will do it without any gripe.   So you want to wrestle with a crocodile? I guess I will call 911 in a while Since they have sharp […]

Arrow by Autumn Barrett

Slicing swift and true, searing oxygen particles in the air. The acrid smell of singed pursuit and blistered aims. Hurtling towards the seamless scarlet target. It strikes. Quivering. Feathered.  A testament to diligence and grit.

Springing Time–Anna Hetherington

Sunlight through scintillating, vacillating leaves Projects a fluttering sea-top on thin neon grass Jutting from dark dirt and soggy aftermath of winter. Here even shadows squirm with new life: Lines, patterns, and rhythms dance between fences, Around pebbles and boulders, through layered petals. Dynamic contrast fills the springing time. Colorful shapes blossom and burst With […]