What Life Is Like When You Think You Have Social Anxiety, But You Are Too Afraid To Visit An Expert Because That Is A New Person And What If You Actually Do Have Social Anxiety Where Do You Even Go From There: An Essay By Sidney Harrison

I pick at the skin on my fingers when I get nervous, a habit I picked up when I stopped biting my nails at age eight. My eyes water uncontrollably when I am faced with a social situation that makes me uncomfortable. One example of this event took place in an art class my freshman […]

To Mr. Elliot (Poem by Caleb Smith)

Your poetry’s bizarre you see, Why hide something like that underneath? Let the world see and hear, Just what exactly you find dear. Show it off proud and clear, Those things that you hide so near, Let us see what’s on your sleeve, Come on now don’t be a tease. While hidden ideas are well […]

The Banshee’s Cry: Ballad by James McCormick

The limbs whip by and blur In his arms, clutched so tight, His father’s only light, With speed he kicks the spurs.   Across the way he saw Dipping the bloody rags, That fearful thing, the Hag, In his heart the fear gnawed.   Fear, fear the Banshee’s Cry, Fear the Daughter of Doom Mistress […]

Robert Buckley Coming to Friends

By Caleb Smith Our university is quite well known within music circles. A specific program called the Composor/Conductor –In- Residence, is something that the band has been doing since 1996. For a little over 20 years now, Dr. John Taylor, the University Band director, has been inviting some of the best and brightest musicians from […]

Glitz, Glamour, Action! by Aubrey VandenHoek

I’d never seen an Amazon Original before January 27th, and let me tell you, I am pleased that Z: The Beginning of Everything was my first encounter with the slew of shows they have to offer. The show is a fictionalized look into the lives of F. Scott Fitzgerald and his vivacious young love, Zelda […]

My Timber by Aubrey VandenHoek

Alone, at last. You are my sweet oasis: My refuge in a world full of debris. In lands where demons run and monsters chase us, You have me. Your slanted spine and crumbling skin repulse. Your long and skeletal fingers grip the stars. Without the wind, you’re lifeless, yet avulse The cautionary wanderings of our […]

How to be a Better Writer: Tips from an English Major Part 1

By Caleb Smith College can be a tough time for many incoming freshmen. It’s a new life style and a new way of learning. So you come to school and get loaded up on all these classes, Major courses and General educations courses, and in theses courses you have a little class called Composition. I’ve […]

The Release of Memories by Aubrey VandenHoek

I’ve come to this old page too many times. I just can’t muster up the strength to tell. I’ve tried and failed to summon worthy rhymes. But love, it’s time to bid your long farewell. It brings my heart more sorrow than it should And, I’m sorry time has brought us to this end, But […]