To Mr. Elliot (Poem by Caleb Smith)

Your poetry’s bizarre you see, Why hide something like that underneath? Let the world see and hear, Just what exactly you find dear. Show it off proud and clear, Those things that you hide so near, Let us see what’s on your sleeve, Come on now don’t be a tease. While hidden ideas are well […]

The Banshee’s Cry: Ballad by James McCormick

The limbs whip by and blur In his arms, clutched so tight, His father’s only light, With speed he kicks the spurs.   Across the way he saw Dipping the bloody rags, That fearful thing, the Hag, In his heart the fear gnawed.   Fear, fear the Banshee’s Cry, Fear the Daughter of Doom Mistress […]

My Timber by Aubrey VandenHoek

Alone, at last. You are my sweet oasis: My refuge in a world full of debris. In lands where demons run and monsters chase us, You have me. Your slanted spine and crumbling skin repulse. Your long and skeletal fingers grip the stars. Without the wind, you’re lifeless, yet avulse The cautionary wanderings of our […]

The Release of Memories by Aubrey VandenHoek

I’ve come to this old page too many times. I just can’t muster up the strength to tell. I’ve tried and failed to summon worthy rhymes. But love, it’s time to bid your long farewell. It brings my heart more sorrow than it should And, I’m sorry time has brought us to this end, But […]

Rain Storm by Jacqueline Roberson

Cascading droplets of cool, The soft falling of wetness, Facing the darkness as the sky, Becomes cooler.   The slow drops become harder, Coldness seeps through the body. Puddles overfilling, The sky becomes midnight.   Light streaks across the blackness, A loud roaring sound in ears. The once gentle drops, Pounding down on everything.   […]

Wild at Heart by Sarah Burnett

If you are going to poke a bear, I suggest do not do it or take care For bears can gut you with one swipe And they will do it without any gripe.   So you want to wrestle with a crocodile? I guess I will call 911 in a while Since they have sharp […]

Arrow by Autumn Barrett

Slicing swift and true, searing oxygen particles in the air. The acrid smell of singed pursuit and blistered aims. Hurtling towards the seamless scarlet target. It strikes. Quivering. Feathered.  A testament to diligence and grit.

Acceptance by Sarah Wilson

O what a beautiful word, acceptance All women ever hoped for were rights All women ever wanted was to be heard All women ever needed was to be understood All women ever desired…acceptance. O what a beautiful word, acceptance All women hope for is equality All women want to be valued All women need to […]

Beauty and the Brain by Ida Darnell

Hi, they call me the Brains, Tell me, what’s your name? I’m called the Brains, cause I have no Beauty. Yep, that’s me, yours turly, Made straight A’s in High School, And always followed the golden rule. What, what’s that you say, they call you Judy. No, I said they call me Beauty. You may […]

"Daughters" by Alexis Crispin

Mothers pass on to their daughters Short legs, A big nose, Wavy hair, A long toe. We look like ghosts of the past. They pass on their ideals. Of family. Of faith. Of courage. Of strength. In this, we are not so different. The women who came before us are shown in Our iron wills, […]