Authenticity and Acceptance by Ethan Harvey

Our generation is obsessed with authenticity. We want real food, real sugar, real music. We want our organic Chipotle, locally-grown fruits, sustainable shampoo, handmade, hometown, biodegradable, non-GMO, fair-trade everything, even to the point of being the generation that is slowly putting the biggest fast-food-giant out of business. However, our desire for authenticity stops there—on the […]

What Life Is Like When You Think You Have Social Anxiety, But You Are Too Afraid To Visit An Expert Because That Is A New Person And What If You Actually Do Have Social Anxiety Where Do You Even Go From There: An Essay By Sidney Harrison

I pick at the skin on my fingers when I get nervous, a habit I picked up when I stopped biting my nails at age eight. My eyes water uncontrollably when I am faced with a social situation that makes me uncomfortable. One example of this event took place in an art class my freshman […]

How to be a Better Writer: Tips from an English Major Part 1

By Caleb Smith College can be a tough time for many incoming freshmen. It’s a new life style and a new way of learning. So you come to school and get loaded up on all these classes, Major courses and General educations courses, and in theses courses you have a little class called Composition. I’ve […]